The Balance Loft is closed but it's spirit is still here in Troy.

It's January and I am finally dealing with this page, the loss etc... So many people loved this space and they literally cried when I told them I was no longer able to keep it going since the SUV going the wrong way down State in reverse put me under his vehicle a few days before Thanksgiving in 2016. My tears were saved for after classes, driving home or personal yoga practice. I have mixed emotions daily since this was a true labor of love for 3 years.  I have clients stopping into my salon asking me about The Balance Loft and I have to tell them it closed on Father's Day.  The irony is I made a point to open on my Dad's Birthday, August 27 and I made sure that they got it done!  Yes, it's was an awesome experience, a powerful space, with a diversely amazing and supportive staff.  I literally had clients who took me in like family and had me over for football parties, Xmas Eve and NYE. All in all this space was magical and yeah I still wake up with "what if's" but I have moved forward to 31 Second around the corner.  It's not the same but the spirit and vibe is still remains... I am a perfectionist and want to give my client's a Luxury Experience and at the end my clients just want me and my challenging class with colorful language, lots of laughs and RESULTS!  Bonus the class is 6 people MAX! 

So my boutique Barre classes change daily and I have been extending the class a bit and adding more Yoga for the "warm up" and at the end... Class is about women coming together, friendship, support, laughter and just feeling good for 60-70 minutes.  I run a "democratic class" and I ask the class if we are done w Abs, Legs and Upper Body and have fun with it if we do another 30 reps!  I am proud to say that the "culture" I set out to cultivate happened and I am blessed that it is still a part of my life.

Happy New Year!